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About Us.

GoArchipelago, We are travel community who bring the real life experience from the local’s eye. It enables travelers around the world to get connected and build friendships with the local travel host either to book travel activity, adventures, day trip, an hour trip or other amazing things to do. GoArchipelago create authentic travel experience. We let you create your own experience with remarkable, gifted nature, experience the real culture and explore the warmth of local people. We bring this excitement for you, to gratify all the human senses.

Our Process.

We build dynamic collaboration from each local travel community to share ideas, skills and resources to develop Goarchipelago travel experience. Our work is anchored by interactions and empowerment of the local people. We actively seek and open for partner individuals and institutions with similar interests-leveraging each other’s strengths and learning from one another.

Our Approach.

Through tourism sector, we participate in creating sustainable development for the locals. Engaging local communities to have productive harmony with nature. Encourage to fulfill the needs of social, education, environment and economic for them. Not only for the present, but also for the future generation.

Go! Community Development

As a social entrepreneur, every travel experience using Goarchipelago have contribution for several social projects. We called it Go! Community Development Projects. We stimulate communication in expressing ideas and collaborate with local community to form a pattern of action-reaction positive. Go! Community Development gives contribution, especially in education, environment and social kick-starter.