The Mystical Dance at Samosir Island

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  • Tor tor dance
  • Stone table in Huta Siallagan
  • Tele Pass
  • Enjoying Toba Lake
  • Situs Megalitikum
  • Megalithic statutes
  • Huta Siallagan
  • Toba waves
  • Penari Tor-tor

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The ancient history of Toba lake and Samosir Island is countless. Inhabited by the native 'Parmalim,' Samosir island held one of the oldest civilization on earth. Formed thousands year back, the remains of volcano eruption resemble a sea beneath a mountain, Toba lake is the deepest and widest volcanic lake in Asia Pasific. Around the lake, lies beautiful landscape of green hills. Not only eyes that are spoiled by the scene, but the traditional culture of Batak tribe is also amusing to be explored. One of them is Sigale-gale dance, which is more than mere dance, but also has its own magic and philosophy.

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