Baduy Cultural Trekking

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  • Granary of Baduy Luar
  • Gazeboh village
  • Baduy people
  • Structure of Baduy houses
  • Traditional bridge of Baduy
  • Women weavers in Baduy
  • Weaving motives of Baduy
  • Posing with the people
  • Traditional rice paddy in Baduy
  • Time gate of Baduy Dalam

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Visiting Baduy village feels like we travel back in times, where nature and people unites in harmony. That is the impression from seeing Baduy village that is kept natural away from modern civilization. Baduy is the place to learn on how to appreciate nature and surrounding environment. There, we will learn the philosophy of Baduy people and its structure of the society. While walking through the village, we will enjoy the natural beauty of Baduy landscape which makes us more appreciative to the environment.

No Inclusive on Package


Gazeboh Local House

House Rule:

Room Type home
Capacity 10
Bed Type Others
Bathroom 1
Country Indonesia
City Banten

We will use transport by car to Kanekes Village, Baduy

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