The Soul of Ancient Islam in Java

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  • The Gate of Paduraksa
  • Dresscode to visit Senopati tomb
  • Get prepared to visit kings tomb
  • Great Mosque of Yogyakarta Palace
  • Bamboo bridge to the secluded tomb in the middle of Mangrove forest
  • The children, reading 'Wali Songo' Encyclopedia
  • The gatekeeper of Pleret ruins Mosque
  • Mangrove area, the way to Syeh Muzakkir's tomb
  • The tomb in the middle of the sea
  • Culinary experience of Yogyakarta
  • Abducted prince of Cirebon during Mataram era
  • The stone which was believed to fall 'miraculously' from Mecca
  • Describing symbols of Islam in the Great Mosque
  • Inside the Great Mosque
  • Try this. Coffee mixed with charcoal

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The spiritual power, glory and beauty of Sultanate heritage reflect the past glory of Islam in Java. The established spiritualism stands alongside the cultural power, radiating compassion and peace. Following the ritual steps of the people and being with them in their every devoted step will also make us in our peaceful state of mind. The tour will bring us to follow the Islamic spiritual steps in Java. We will trace every heritage of Islam, ranging from Yogyakarta Sultanate, Solo Pakualaman, and the tombs of Walisongo in Demak.

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