One Day Trip: The Last Remaining Mangrove Forest in Jakarta

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It's unbelievable Jakarta has such an amazing mangrove conservation. We invite you to escape one day from those concrete jungle, traffic jam, and crazy work. I invite you to get relax exploring mangrove. It is a small conservation area of mangrove forests on the north coast of Jakarta. It was originally established by the Netherlands Indies government as a nature preserve on 1939s with an area of 15.04 ha, and later expanded to 1,344.62 ha in the 1960s. It's the perfect place to have fun with your friends and family, get refreshed and comeback to 'Jakarta' with fully charged spirit to face the reality. To get faster response, please contact us +6281324733081 (WhatsApp is available).

We'll meet at halte monas of transjakarta. We will take transjakarta busway to Pantai Indah Kampuk approximately 1 hour. If you are preferably use private car, just let us now to negotiate the price. Our first activity is tracking mangrove conservation through wooden track. There are two towers where you can see mangrove area from the top. You can also see birds that hang around on the top of mangrove. Bring your binocular if you have one.

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