Adventuring in Banjarmasin, the River City

    The travel host : Melda Sari   Bekantan, Proboscis monkey, traditional diamond mining, desa cempaka kabupaten banjar, pasar martapura, agate stones, floating market, kelotok, sasirangan, kuin selatan, banjarmasin,

  • Bekantan/Probiscis Monkey (Nasalis Larvatus)
  • Sasirangan Clothes (Banjarese Kingdom traditional clothes)
  • Diamonds and Agate Stones
  • Traditional Diamond Mining
  • Lokbaintan Floating Market
  • Kuin Selatan Township (the Old Town)
  • Kelotok (Traditional Boat with machine)
  • Local Fruits

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A package of 3 days and 2 nights trip. You will be invited to enjoy the unique activities of some communities in South Kalimantan (Borneo). From visiting the diamond panning manually, and go to the traditional market that sells stones and handicrafts of South Kalimantan. Enjoy the atmosphere of Banjarmasin city as a river city, by ride in the 'kelotok' (the traditional boat) to the Lokbaintan Floating Market, interact with 'Bekantan' (Proboscis monkey/Nasalis Larvatus) at Pulau Kaget (Shocked Island), and enjoy the view of the Barito river along the sunset. You will be invited to learn about the cultural heritage and the old town which contains sites of Banjar royal mausoleum of Sultan Suriansyah and see the oldest mosque in the city of Banjarmasin located in the South Kuin township. You too can get involved in the manufacture of Sasirangan cloth (typical cloth of Banjarese kingdom). During the 3 days 2 nights, your tongue will be pampered with local culinary and fruits of South Kalimantan. Please join me to explore the city of Banjarmasin.

No Inclusive on Package


A twin bedrooms is included of the package for minimum 2 persons.

House Rule:

Room Type shared
Capacity 2
Bed Type Real Bed
Bathroom 1
Country Indonesia
City Banjarmasin

An MPV, or minibus, or bus with a coach seats (depends on the amount of the participants) will transport you through the trips. A kelotok (traditional boat) will also included the package to cruise the river.

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