Catching Northern Pearl in Natuna

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  • Batu Sindu
  • Senoa Island
  • Lampa Strait
  • Snorkeling in Senoa Island
  • Tanjung Datok
  • Sunset in Subi Island

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Have you ever heard Natuna? Located in northern Indonesia, Natuna was the only district in Indonesia, which directly borders with four countries. Natuna keep a lot of unspoiled natural beauty. Travel to Natuna is not only visit the beach or enjoy the underwater coral. Beyond that, visiting Natuna means enjoy the Malay archipelago and see from the near of the border face in the outer island of Indonesia. We will take you to visit Alif Stone Park and Batu Sindu, giant rock at Tanjung Beach, enjoy sunset in Tanjung Datok, take some religous moment in the Great Mosque of Natuna, snorkeling in uninhabited Senua Island, and living peaceful harmony with local people on Malay culinary travel; Ikan Salai Cecah Pedek, Karenas, Tabel Mando. You can also hopping island to Tiga Island and the bonus is get a local culture of Orang Laut, nomadic tribe that lives in the boat. Ready to exploring Natuna?

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From Jakarta you can booked flight to Natuna (Jakarta-Batam-Natuna) with the ticket price for Batam-Natuna IDR 800.000 up to IDR 1.700.000. Every day there is only one flight to and from Natuna using Wings Air airlines. motorcycle, car rent, pompong (min

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