Make Batik @ Jakarta

    The travel host : Kusdorotanti K. Icus   Batik, traditional clothing, traditional painting,

  • Drawing a sketch
  • Blocking the color with hot wax to have detail on the design
  • Dying the cloth in special liguid
  • Fixing the color to prevent spread
  • 'Canting' (chun-ting) is the pen-like tool used to apply hot wax on the cloth
  • Batik class in Jakarta's outskirt. It's a fun activity :)
  • Colouring batik... airbrush style! This is a more advanced class on the curriculum :)
  • My guest from France is showing off her first batik ever. Pretty purple :)
  • Showing off their beautiful work. Love it!
  • Ladies afternoon chit chat over their painted batik. I always love this moment...
  • Batik Class in Jakarta
  • "Art... refines the soul"
  • Two USA college/university students proudly presenting their own design done in Jakarta

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Ever wonder how the Indonesian batiks can be so beautiful? Now you can make your own Batik, in just 3 hours! During this session, you will learn the philosophy behind batik patterns and the unique process every batik should go through. You will also bring home the Batik that you have made!

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