Two wondrous journeys: kudus culinary excitement and the adventurous of karimun jawa's beauty

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  • The beauty of Karimun Jawa
  • The captivating underwater view of Karimun Jawa
  • Captured! Memorable moment with friends
  • Let's see sharks, friends!
  • Do you believe from this simple stall a delicious food is served?
  • you will see the modesty of people in serving various foods around the town from a row of small stalls
  • The delicious soto ayam kudus
  • All the tasty components become one, yummy!
  • The legendary sate kerbau! Have you try the perfect savory sweet of buffalo meat?
  • Go go go gongso ayam!
  • Soto with buffalo meat on top? Oh yeah this is it!
  • Pindang kerbau, the authentic dish of Kudus
  • Lentog is abbreviation pulen tur montog, wanna know the meaning? Come to Kudus!
  • A unique dish with unique name, and of course unique taste, Lentog Tanjung....
  • Pecel pakis, a dish that you will find at the muria mount
  • Checked! This is the right one to bring as the "oleh-oleh"
  • Garlic flavored peanut, look at the title, it means the source of quick, what a name... :-)

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The two journeys begin at the small town of Kudus, where at this unique town you will find so many different stories of its people and the food. The never ending of tasting delicious food makes your memory full of all day and night of excitement. Following the good mood of having a great time in Kudus, journey continue to the beautiful islands of Karimun Jawa, where so many places offer you to play with nature as much as you want. From the beaches to the underwater spots, you will never get bore of all the activities there.

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