Kampung Adat Matrilineal (Matrilineal Traditional Village)

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  • Bakaua,
  • One of kind traditions in Matrilineal Village

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Nagari adat matrilineal is located in Padang Ranah, Sijunjung, district Sijunjung, West Sumatra. Namely nagari adat due to the social fabric of local communities has not been influenced by globalization (Westernization). It is surrounded by old buildings whose integrity still maintained until today. From a typical traditional house of Minangkabau, clothing people, to the traditional law that is still strong with the Minangkabau values, are still maintained neatly. In this globalization era, only in nagari adat matrilineal we can witness the real Minangkabau people's lives completely. Children still play traditional games, women inhabit the Rumah Gadang, while male teenagers stay in the mosque while studying religion, speech, Silek and living in social life significantly.

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