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    lina pw Friday, 1st May 2015 13:09
    Review on journey Via Ferrata Mount Parang

    This is my first time trying goarchipelago! and it was easy to find my type of trip here. One trip that catch my heart at the first place was Via Ferrata. I love to climb, and seeing beautiful view will be very nice too. So I decided to try the trip, and follow the instruction. It was very easy, I contact the host and make a appointment and that's it, I'm going to try the first 'Via Ferrata (iron road)' in Indonesia. Via Ferrata in Mount Parang was 150m tall (they will make it until 350m!). We use safety equipment, and start the journey from local village in Jatiluhur, Purwakarta. It's not difficult to climb, but definitely we need to be focus. When I reached the end of the track, I can see Jatiluhur reservoir from the top. And it was breathtaking. If you want to have another adrenaline experience, try to climb down the mountain by rappeling where you descent the mountain with only a rope. It was save of course, because there will be a man who control your movement at the bottom of the mountain. At the end though, I love how I can connect with the local host and have a great trip at the same time. Especially when your host, was full of information about the culture and the nature.

    Rating 9.00

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